Furniture elevator?

Fast and cost friendly and Last minute

Why rent a furniture elevator?
Every move is stressful: packing, arranging assistance and dragging the entire contents on the stairs. Large furniture, stairs and walls are damaged.


Private relocation

Our moving lifts make your move easier, faster and also a lot less stressful.


Business market

Furniture, moving companies and kitchen suppliers like to use our elevator.


New furniture

Thanks to our removal elevator, your new furniture will be safely in your home in no time.


Construction materials

All your building material at your destination without straining your back before you start.


Up to 9 floors

Our lift is 27 meters long. We can be of service up to the 8th (often 9th) floor.


Ready within an hour

Did you know that 80% of all our assignments were carried out within one hour.

And what about your back?

Thanks to a furniture elevator, also known as a furniture lift, with a cooperating mover, you can look back on this special day with a good feeling. Not only private individuals, but also the business market uses Furniture delivery services, moving companies, kitchen suppliers and e.g. Ikea customers have discovered the advantages of the furniture lift and therefore make grateful use of our moving lift service. With our furniture elevator, your move will run smoothly, quickly and cheaply!
By using a furniture elevator with controls, everything is done safely and this does not damage your interior. That is why your furniture has nothing to suffer and your household goods are moved upstairs or downstairs safely in no time.

You can rent a furniture elevator with us for an hour, a few hours or even a whole day, everything is possible 24/7. It goes faster, safer, effortless and therefore with minimal risk of damage. We can also be hired for Last-Minute assignments in Limburg, Brabant and the Belgian and German border region. Our moving lift with cooperating mover is 27 meters long and can lift up to 400 kilos of freight so we can be of service to you up to the 8th. often even the 9th. floor.



Convinced of our moving lift? Or do you have any questions?

Then contact us for more information or to reserve your moving lift!


Do you want to be ready within an hour?

Ready within an hour!

The first hour (up to the eighth floor) costs only € 89, – for this, you will also get a lift operator to help you load the platform. From the eighth floor, we are obliged, for safety reasons, to engage a second lift operator. This costs € 34.50 per hour extra, after the build-up of the elevator; you then have an extra experienced mover at your disposal so that the move is extra fast.

Did you know that 80% of all orders we receive are
completed within the first hour to your satisfaction?

If there are enough helpers and everything is well prepared, we can lift approx. 15 cubic meters of household goods in an hour.

That is usually a small truck like the ones that can be rented out at Bo-rent, Autop and Boels.

If it takes a little longer, do not worry, after the first hour we count per quarter of an hour. This way it is not only fun to move, but it also remains nice and affordable!



Moving assistance incl.


Min. rental time 1 hour


Last Minute service


Up to the 12th floor


regional partner

Modern times,
new techniques

Even though the phenomenon of the furniture elevator, also known as moving lift or Outside elevator, has been around for a number of years, we still see many moves being carried out in a traditional way; many helpers who carry everything by hand through stairs and corridors a tricky, time-consuming, and precarious adventure, which all too often takes a whole day to complete. A moving lift contributes to an efficient and effective move, which ultimately saves you money on the total costs of your move!

For more information see our rates and frequently asked questions page. Fill in the reservation form and we will contact you within 12 hours.

Of course, you can also call yourself: +31 (0)643 710 777.


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A furniture elevator is not only useful for moving.

Do you want to have your just delivered furniture or washing machine safely moved upstairs without damage? Then you can rent our outside elevator. Think of these situations:

  • Piano
  • Washing machines, American fridge, etc.
  • Cabinets, sofas, beds
  • Building materials: plasterboard, wooden flooring, etc.
  • Fitness equipment

Experience shows that 1 hour is usually sufficient for this. In that case you are already helped for just € 89, – ! If it takes a little longer, we will charge you per 15 minutes after the first hour.

We keep the rental time as short as possible therefore the time only runs from the moment of arrival and stops the time when we are ready for departure. The assembly and dismantling falls within the rental time, but thanks to our modern equipment this usually only takes about 5 minutes.


At, you book us for your move in the province of Limburg, Brabant and the Belgian and German border area, but also in the rest of the Netherlands, we can be of service to you thanks to an intensive cooperation with local partners.


You can use our services Monday to Sunday from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.


We realize that it is often only at the very last moment that it becomes apparent that the move is not possible without a furniture elevator. We are therefore used to being called last minute. We like to do these last minute jobs and therefore do not charge extra fees.


Do you have any questions or would you like to make a reservation? Get in touch!


  • Assistance by an experienced mover
  • Minimum hiring time 1 hour
  • Regional partner
  • Possibility of hiring an extra mover
  • Last minute service
  • Emergencies
  • For moving, evictions but also for your new purchases
  • Clear information in advance, clear price agreements, and no surprises!
  • One telephone number for the whole of the Netherlands
  • Accessible 24/7


  • Objects to be moved must fit through the window/balcony door
  • No tall objects in front of the window (trees, streetlight, etc.)
  • Two free parking spaces directly under the window used for the move
  • Maximum load per lift 400 kg
  • A maximum reach of 11th occasionally even the 9th floor
  • Is a special permit required? Please contact your local authority.
  • Is the terrain accessible for the elevator? (3.50 meter passage height)

Rates are VAT-included, during office hours, excl. Kilometer costs. After 18.00 hours and at weekends we charge a small supplementary fee.

Is your region not listed? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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