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Why rent a moving lift? Every relocation is stressful: Packing, arranging help and dragging all your belongings up the stairs. Large furniture, stairs and walls are damaged. And what about your back?

With a moving lift (also called a furniture lift) including a cooperating mover, you can look back on this special day with a good feeling. For more information, see our pricing.


Want to rent a moving lift?

You don’t have to worry about the price either; The first hour (up to the 8th floor) costs only €98, for which you will also receive a lift operator who will help you load the platform.

From the 9th floor we use our XXL lift, unique in the South of the Netherlands, where we charge different rates.

Did you know that 80% of all orders we receive are completed to our complete satisfaction by within the first hour?

If there are enough helpers and everything is well-prepared, we can lift approximately 15 cubic meters of household goods in one hour.

That is easily a small truck such as those available for rental at Bo-rent, Autop and Boels.

If it takes a little longer, don’t worry, after the first hour we charge per fifteen minutes. This way it is not only fun to move, but it also remains affordable!

Also for business use

Not only private individuals can rent a moving lift, the business market also uses

Furniture delivery services, moving companies, kitchen suppliers and, for example, Ikea customers have discovered the benefits of the furniture lift and therefore gratefully use our service.

Smooth, fast and affordable.

By using a furniture lift with controls, everything is done safely and you will not damage your interior.

Therefore, your furniture will not suffer any damage and your household goods will be safely stored in no time. above.

More information?

Please contact us for more information or to reserve your moving lift in advance!

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