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Easy Move by renting a Moving Lift

Are you planning to move? Maybe you have bought new furniture? Or do you want to put solar panels on the roof?

The phenomenon of the moving lift has been around for years, and is popularly known as a ladderlift, outside lift, furniture hoist or furniture elevator. Unfortunately, however, far too few people know about the great possibilities of this elevator, which means that moves are still taking place in the difficult and traditional way, suppliers supply new furniture or equipment only up to the doorstep and new roof tiles or solar panels often require working via the stairs and skylight.

Easy Move by renting a Moving Lift

Your easy move starts by renting a moving lift from 98 Euro per hour, and in this time 80% of our assignments are already done. Together with the moving lift, you hire an experienced driver, who will also help you with the move and can advise you on loading and unloading the moving van and the lift platform. The lift can lift up to 400 kg at a time, so that your heavy furniture can be moved safely. A complete overview of our prices and services, including our last-minute service, can be found on our pricing page.

You can rent our moving lift for an hour, a part of a day or a whole day, from the very first hour you pay per quarter of an hour, which saves you costs and which benefits you if everything is done smoothly.

We make clear agreements with you in advance and you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises when renting a moving lift via It could only be that everything is ready even faster than you expected.

Applications of a furniture lift

There are many applications where renting a moving lift via will have an added value, we will give you here some examples of commonly used applications:

  • Moving new furniture or washing machines to the desired floors
  • Raising or lowering the elevators of pianos or aquariums
  • Moving large and heavy plants with pots to the (roof) terrace
  • Lifting up of solar panels, roof tiles or building materials
  • Evictions
  • Moving house
  • Last minute service, if the move is already underway
  • and much more… but all are categorized as “easy move”.

Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!

Region, your partner for the Netherlands, and also the border region of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium for renting a moving lift

We have a trusted network of partners throughout the country. This means we can be of service to you at your location if you want to rent a moving lift via and you will be saved long waiting times and high travel costs.

Check out all possibilities and request a free quote.

We are happy to help you and if you are going to rent a moving lift with us, you can be sure that all your lift work will go smoothly.


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