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High-rise building Lift Rental

High-rise building Lift Rental

Moving to a high-rise building?

In a high-rise building or over a ditch in front of the house?

It happens to everyone once in a while, and no one looks back with joy on the day where everything was going awkwardly and a lot of frustration was expressed over and over again.

We are, of course, talking about a move. Getting things done and getting them packed is often already enough work, but only then do the problems really start.

Relocating? Easy with Lift Express!

Often, even in the best planning, no account is taken of the fact that everything that ever needed to be moved up several floors, often in the form of a building set, must also be brought down when moving. Many pieces of furniture do not dismantle easily and never become as beautiful as they were before. Also, dragging washing machines across the staircase is a huge risk factor, not only because of all the damage to the floors, the building and the device itself, but especially because of the high risk of personal injury during these actions.

Safe, fast and familiar

The moving lift of is a real powerhouse with its 34m and our experienced drivers know the lift so well that even in difficult situations the maximum can be gained from the moving lift. From the 8th floor we are obliged to use a second driver, but since our moving lift can lift 400 kg at a time and both drivers will help with the move after it has been erected, in these cases things often go even faster and you will be able to easily compensate the small allowance for the second driver due to the time saved. The rental of our moving lift via starts at 89 Euro per hour and 80% of our assignments are completed within this first hour.

A complete overview of our prices and services, including our last-minute service, can be found here.

On the website you can also see impressions of the objectives and places for which our moving lift is hired. It happens regularly that we are also hired for moves in low-rise buildings, and there are several reasons for this.

Due to the length of 34m, our moving lift can besides a high-rise building also work over fences, platforms and ditches, making it much easier to move the contents quickly and safely. As the moving lift is mounted on a bus, the only condition is a clearance height of 3.5m at the location and an easily accessible window or balcony door on the desired floor. Then we can easily lift any part of your household effects, but also pianos, aquariums and solar panels to their destination.

Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!

Throughout the country

Mainly in the border area Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, but available throughout the country through cooperation with partners

We do not like to burden our customers with high travel costs or long waiting times,

Therefore, although we mainly work in the border areas of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, we always have a solution for you. Thanks to our close cooperation with partners throughout the country, we can also process your application after satisfaction, anywhere in the Netherlands.

Request without obligations a free quote for the possibilities in your region.

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