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Moving in Maaseik with a moving hoist

Verhuislift huren Maaseik

Maaseik is a beautiful and cozy town in the northeast of the Belgian province of Limburg, located on the Meuse, with various cultural-historical interesting sights. There are several interesting museums in Maaseik including the pharmacy museum, the Treasure-House with the most important church treasures of Limburg, the John Selbach museum where you can see 4 centuries of painting, and the van Eyck exhibition.

Relocating? Easy with Lift Express!

What can a moving hoist be used for?

If you are going to move in Maaseik you can use the moving hoist of This elevator is 34 meters long. For this reason, it can be used up to and including the 11 floor. Often we are also asked to simply lift that one difficult piece of furniture to the right floor and that is no problem at all, if there is a window on the balcony door on the right floor and the load is not heavier than 400 kg. Even if at the last moment it turns out that it will not work without a moving hoist you can call us our Last-minute service is available 7 days a week, also in Maaseik and surroundings.

Other handy applications for our moving hoist

  • Lifting solar panels on the roof
  • Lifting washing machines or refrigerators
  • Whole removals
  • Evictions
  • Lifting of construction waste
  • Piano or aquarium lifts
  • And much more

We bring up the furniture that does not fit through the hallway, and we also help to move the heavy objects or furniture to the upper floor. We have the advantage that it takes quite some of the worries out of your hands if you can hand over the work, and can also save you a lot of time? It normally takes a few hours to move house. Because a moving hoist is so very handy in use, the whole move done very quickly.

Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!

Good prices and a trusted partner mainly works in the south of the Netherlands and the border area between Germany and Belgium. This allows us to help you quickly and directly with your move, also in Maaseik and the surrounding villages! With us you can rent the moving hoist from 89 Euro per hour, and because 80% of our bookings are ready in that one hour, you have the advantage of competitive prices and clear agreements.

The operator of our moving hoist will assist you with advice and assistance, and will also help you with the best layout of the moving van for a reduction in the number of trips.

At you can move without the worries you have always feared, also in Maaseik and surroundings.


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