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Gouda is an ideal location as part of the green heart, because from here the entire Randstad is easily accessible and The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht are about the same distance from this beautiful place. Not only the location but also the history of this old trading city make it a very attractive place to move to. Being able to travel anywhere quickly without the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Always wanted to live in Gouda?

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If you have always wanted to live in Gouda and the surrounding area, then you have certainly thought about the troubles involved in such a move. Surely the thought of all the hauling, the damage to your home and its contents and back pain during the move next week, is already spoiling all the fun. Go and relax and have a look at the moving lift options on That can save you a lot of sleepless nights when you actually move.

Good on-site support

When you rent a moving lift via, it always comes with a driver, who is also an experienced moving helper. When you are standing ready with 3 people, 80% of our assignments are  are ready within an hour. The operator will help you to load the moving lift and can also support you with the layout of the moving van, so that all the space is used in an ideal way. That’s easy moving without any worries.

What is a moving lift?

A moving lift is sometimes also called a ladder lift or furniture lift and is in principle a lift that is mounted on a bus and is therefore very mobile. The contents are loaded onto a platform, which can be used as a tray or folded out, depending on the object or piece of furniture to be lifted. Each time our elevator can lift up to 400kg, which means, for example, that even a fragile piano is no problem at all. The only condition is a large window or balcony door on the desired floor and the accessibility for the elevator to the building. If this is not a problem, we can be of service to you up to the 11th and sometimes even the 12th floor, thanks to the proud length of 34m that our moving lift has.

Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!

Good prices and your partner in the region

You can already rent a moving lift from 89 Euro per hour, there are of course still travel costs or small surcharges for work outside the normal working days, but you can find all this clearly on our website No nasty surprises so to speak. You can always contact us free of obligation for an offer and we are also happy to help you if you expect a complex moving situation. We will do our utmost to make you a nice custom offer.

With a moving lift from your move will be easy!


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