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Hasselt, a beautiful city in the Belgian province of Limburg, is known for the many events that take place here every year. Everyone knows the city because of the festival Pukkelpop or the annual fair with the beautiful fireworks. But of course also because of all the beautiful old buildings and churches that can be found here.

Many people therefore find it a beautiful place to live and annually many people move in and around this city. Due to its location near the Albert Canal and the Demer, on the edge of the Kempen, Hasselt has a lot to offer.


Relocating? Easy with Lift Express!

If you plan to move to Hasselt, then booking a moving lift, also known as a furniture lift, can be a very nice solution for you. That’s why when you move to Hasselt, but also to the districts of Kermt, Kuringen, Sint-Lambrechts-Herk, Spalbeek, Stevoort, Stokrooie and Wimmertingen, you can simply contact for a professional and pleasantly priced solution.

Would you prefer the total move to be arranged for you? Then we can, thanks to a good cooperation, warmly recommend Verhuizigen Louis.

Why use a moving lift in Hasselt and its surroundigs?

In cities such as Hasselt, where there are many monumental buildings in the old town, but also many modern high-rise buildings in the suburbs and moving house can sometimes be a challenge.

Despite the help of voluntary helpers from the circle of friends or family, it is often hard work with a high risk of damage to your belongings, the floor and the walls. Sometimes there can even be back complaints for the helpers because of the heavy lifting and the strange angles in which heavy things have to be moved.

In old buildings, the staircase is often very narrow, which makes it difficult to move a sofa or washing machine to a higher floor or, in the opposite case, downstairs. For this reason, book a moving lift now at, and leave all worries about moving behind you.


Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!

Low costs and professional help

You can request our moving lift from 89 Euro per hour. Time will only start running when we are on site and will stop when we leave your location. The moving lift is mounted on a bus and can therefore easily reach your location, also when you move in Hasselt.

Our moving lift can be used up to the 11th (sometimes even the 12th) floor and can move up or down up to 400 kg at once via the lift platform.

The driver of the elevator is always an experienced moving helper and will support you during loading and unloading of your belongings. He also knows everything about an efficient layout of your belongings in the moving van, so you can take as much as possible with you in a single drive.


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