Renting a moving lift in Kaarst

Do you remember your last move? Sleepless nights?

Today, this is no longer necessary. Where not so long ago everything had to be moved by hand, there is now a very handy tool: the moving lift, also called furniture lift or ladder lift. Even if you move into a house with garage on the ground floor and the house on the upper floor, you will find that renting a moving lift in Kaarst, whether on the Holz Buttgen, the Alte Heerstraße, the Königstraße, the Kreuzstraße or the Bruchweg, is a very good thing.

Your belongings arrive quickly and safely at their desired spot, which saves you a lot of time and money.
In short, if you want to move a lot of big or heavy things, a moving lift is an absolute must.
Your move will be fast, smooth and safe!


Relocating? Easy with Lift Express!

Why should i rent a moving lift in Kaarst?

There are many reasons why you should rent a moving lift, which are the main reasons:

Time saving: A furniture packer who has to walk through the corridors loses a lot of time compared to a moving lift, the higher up the house, the greater the difference.

No problem: because large furniture is difficult to move through narrow doors and corridors. Everything is stress-free with a moving lift.

Damage-free: since your valuables do not have to be maneuvered along all possible walls and door posts, but can be loaded directly into the truck, or vice versa, the risk of damage to your furniture and your house such as fresh text work, paints and wallpaper is negligible.

Nobody is exhausted: a move is hard work, you often have to take thousands if not tens of thousands of kilos to a new place. Imagine that friends and volunteers have to do this hard work all day long? With a moving lift you are quickly ready and can in future rely on the help of your friends without being burdened.

Inexpensive: a moving lift is rented per hour, whereby a co-operating moving contractor is also included. He will advise and support you and ensure safe operation of the lift. Based on our experience, we can specify in advance how long a move will take. This prevent unpleasant surprises.


Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!

Did you know that 80% of the orders we receive are completed in just one hour? This means that these people have lost only €89,- in rent on a weekday. The whole move is of course a little more work, but with good preparation, the average 2-person household with 3 volunteers is completed in 2 hours.

For more information, please consult our rates.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to contact, not only for Kaarst, but also for the neighbouring areas west of the Rhine.

Would you also like to rent a moving lift in Kaarst? Then send in the reservation form. We will then make an assessment of the situation and advise you without obligation about the possibilities. You can also call us at 0031643 710 777.

Is your region not listed? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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