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Moving Lift Krefeld

Our professional moving lift service in Krefeld ensures a hassle-free transition, making your move efficient and worry-free. Discover more about our services and how we can help you achieve a smooth and successful relocation.
Rent moving lift Krefeld

Rent a moving lift for Krefeld

We are now also active in your region and offer our services in Krefeld, be it the Sankt Antonstraße or a detached house in Bockum, Huls, Königshof, Forstwald or Elfrath, a moving lift always makes sense.

You can easily rent a moving lift for Krefeld from us on an hourly basis (starting at 1 hour). Whether for a complete move or for a large piece of furniture that does not fit through the staircase, a moving lift, also called a furniture lift or ladder lift, is the solution for you.

Operator included

Our moving lift is operated by an experienced machinist who not only operates the lift, but also works as a moving helper, loads and unloads the platform and ensures that all your belongings are safe while being moved to the van and/or into the house – a reassuring thought.

Up to the 12th. floor

Our moving lift is 34 metres long and unique in the Krefeld region. This means that it extends to the eleventh and in special cases to the twelfth floor. But we are also often asked to lift a tricky object to the first floor.

It also happens that we are engaged less because of the height, but more because of the load-bearing capacity. Our lift can transport up to 400 kg out of the window, straight down, directly to the moving van. This saves a lot of time and effort through corridors, stairs and doors!

No damage on the interior

Imagine you want to transport a palm tree of 3 or even 4 meters to your roof terrace on first or second floor 1 or 2 meters high, that is simply not possible! With the moving lift, it’s child’s play. Or think about having to move 20m2 of paving stones to the same roof terrace. You’d think you could be able to do this, until you really get started. With the moving lift this can be done within an hour and the most important thing is that your stairs have not suffered.

The picture above is only an example, we can lift almost everything for you: Pianos, refrigerators, American ovens, bathtubs, industrial steel frames, a large sitting corner, so anything you can imagine; if it fits through the window or the balcony door and weighs no more than 400 kg, we can usually lift it for you.


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