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Rent a moving lift in Neuss

With our professional moving lift services, we make your relocation in Neuss a hassle-free experience. Explore our offerings and discover how we can ensure the success of your move.
Moving Lift Neuss

Rent a moving lift in Neuss

With our moving lift, you can move to Neuss without any problems. Whether it ist the Krefelderstraße, Dreikönigenviertel, Hafengebiet, Hammfeld, Augustinusviertel, Stadionviertel, Westfeld, Morgensternsheide or the Furth area. A moving lift is always practical when moving.

Everything is based on the same technology: By means of a ladder construction, a platform can be raised and lowered over the outer facade to move things up and down.

Problems when moving?

What is important to you is that when you move you are helped to bring your valuable household items into or out of your home as efficiently as possible.

In the past the whole household including sofas, cupboards and other large pieces went through the corridors, the staircase, to land in the right place after a lot of trouble. The result is damaged furniture, stripes on the walls and a new floor covering that looks like a whole football team walked over it in muddy shoes.

Moving without problems

With a moving lift including a co-operating and experienced moving helper you will be well assisted, he will advise you, help you with loading the platform and gives you tips for loading the truck. Just as important, however, is that the walk through the new rooms with furniture is no longer necessary, your property and your house remain undamaged.

The assembly of our lift takes less than 10 minutes, so we can start moving your furniture very quickly. If you have finished the boxes and you are with 3 persons, we have a small 2-person household, approx. 20 m3, lifted from the truck into your house in 2 hours or vice versa of course. This is how a move to Neuss runs smoothly.

Efficient – Effective -Energy efficient

There are several names for our ladder lift: moving lift, furniture lift, material lift, freight lift and even the construction lift.

Only a few pieces

But even if you have bought a couch a new closet or bed and you are not sure that it will fit through the hallway, or you just want to be careful with your newly purchased showpiece, a moving lift is the solution. Also in Neuss, everything is in the house safe and undamaged within an hour.

We advise you without obligation

Not sure if a moving lift can be placed at your location? Fill in the reservation form or call us, and we will look into the situation, you will get good advice with an honest price indication.


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