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Verhuislift huren Nijmegen

 If you think of Nijmegen, then of course you think of the beautiful old town with the nice and authentic shopping streets, the quay, the beautiful classical buildings and the cozy and international atmosphere in this lively student city with all its famous events such as the 4daagse event or new Tipisch_Nijmegen held in the Juliana Park. Every year, many people move in and around Nijmegen to enjoy the benefits that this city, which is so close to the German border, has to offer.

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Relocating? Easy with Lift Express!

Move to nijmegen

Are you planning to move to the Nijmegen area? Are you already rumbling with the idea of moving all your precious furniture and belongings through the narrow corridors and alleys in and around the old buildings in the city centre? Are you tired of the idea of moving all the way to the upper floors of the newer high-rise neighbourhoods? Then there is a good and cheap solution for you, namely the moving lift, from

Efficient moving, the moving lift

The moving lift, also called furniture lift or ladder lift, is able to safely transport all your valuable and precious furniture and belongings up and down. All you have to pay attention to is that there is a window or door present in the house, so the furniture and interior can brought in or out at the desired floor. The maximum load capacity of the moving lift is 400kg and the lift can be used up to the 12th, in some cases even up to the 12th floor. The whole thing is mounted on a van, making the lift easy to move and quick to deploy.

Together with the moving lift, when booking via, you also get an experienced moving employee present on site. He does not only operate the lift, but also supports you in every way imaginable.

Our moving expert can advise you on the best way to load the moving van in order to use the space as efficiently as possible. Because of the handy structure, lift can be put up already within 10 minutes and is then immediately ready to use. This ensures that we can start moving your belongings very quickly. If you have already packed the boxes in advance and two more people are there to help. Then we have a small 2 person household, about 20 m3, moved  from the truck in your house in 2 hours or the other way around.

At the minimum purchase time is only 1 hour and this will cost you only 89, – Euro. And does it take a little longer, no problem? For every 15 minutes after the first hour, only 22,25 Euro will be charged.

Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!

Also for single object service

 You can also contact us if, for example, you have bought a new couch or need to move a piano. Not sure if something fits through the hallway or the staircase? Do you want to make sure that your valuables reach their destination without damage? You don not want your walls and floors not suffer as a result of the move?

With you never have to worry about moving house again. Your voluntary helpers will no longer be worn out, so that at the end of the day they will accidentally damage your valuables or your walls, or even damage their backs.

With the professional care of your belongings are safe and your move goes quick and smoothly, that’s what you can rely on!


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