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Verhuislift huren Maasmechelen

For people who like a nice day of shopping, the Belgian municipality of Maasmechelen, with its two large shopping centers Maasmechelen village and the outletshoppingcenter has long been a household name. However, this small scale municipality is also a very nice place to live. If you are also attracted to the municipality of Maasmechelen, be it to Mechelen-on-the-Meuse, Vucht, Leut, Meeswijk, Uikhoven, Eisden, Opgrimbie, Boorsem or Kotem, can ensure that your move goes smoothly.

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If you have thought about moving to the municipality of Maasmechelen, then all the worries associated with a move certainly came up. Packing your belongings is often the smallest issue. The problems only really begin, when you realize that the stairwell in your new dream house is probably too narrow to move up the large household effects, such as the washing machine, the couch or the large cabinets. Given that the complete dismantling of these objects is often a job in itself, and everyone knows from experience that many furniture can never be put together very nicely afterwards, that is often not an option.

Does it scare you, when you think about it, about burdening your friends and acquaintances with all the drag and drop? Are you afraid of damage to your new house, even before you live there?

Visit today and learn more about the possibilities of our handy furniture lift. With our help you can move quickly and without worries!

Why Lift Express?

Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!

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The furniture lift from Lift-Express

Our furniture lift is a solution for every move. With its 34m length and a load capacity of 400kg at a time, we can relieve you of your moving concerns up to the 11th and sometimes even the 12th floor.

The average 2-person household is often outside or inside within 2 hours using 3 volunteers and our moving helper. There only needs to be a large window or balcony door on the desired floor, where your belongings fit through and a place underneath where the furniture lift can be built-up.

For more information, visit the page price structure and request a free quote. We are happy to help you!


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