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Moving lift Sittard Geleen

Do you want to rent a moving lift (furniture lift) in Sittard Geleen? Reserve now at!

Renting a moving lift in Sittard Geleen

Recently, we have also become active in your region and offer our services in Sittard Geleen and in both the eastern and the western mining region.

Relocating? Easy with Lift Express!

Co-working operator

Our moving lift is operated by an experienced operator, he not only operates the lift but also works as a mover, he loads and unloads the platform and ensures that all your belongings get safely in the moving van and / or into the house, a reassuring thought.

High altitude

Our moving lift is 34 meters long, unique in the Sittard Geleen region. This means that it extends to the eleventh floor and, in special cases, to the twelfth floor. But we are just as happy to lift a tricky object to the first floor. It also happens that we are not so much engaged for height as for load capacity. Our elevator can handle up to 400 kilos, out of the window, on the elevator, downstairs, directly into the moving van. That saves a lot of time and effort through corridors, stairs and doors!

Single object lift

Just imagine if you want a palm tree of 3 or even 4 meters on your roof terrace on the 1 or 2 floor, impossible! With the moving lift, a cakewalk, covered within the first hour. Or moving 20m2 paving stones to the same roof terrace… You would think that is doable, until you start. With the moving lift this is done within the hour and the most important your staircase has not suffered anything.

The image above is just one example, we can lift almost anything for you: Pianos, refrigerators, American ovens, bathtubs, industrial steel frames, a large seating area, whatever you can think of; if it fits through the window or balcony door and is not heavier than 400 kilos we can usually lift it for you.

Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!

1 Hour lift

Our moving lift is in the region Sittard-Geleen for rent both for private and business, the minimum rental time is 1 hour, after which you pay per quarter of an hour extra, please also refer to our rates. For your information: 80% of our assignments are realized in the first hour. If you fill in our reservation form we can use this information to estimate how long we think we will need, so you know in advance exactly what it may cost you. Of course you can also call us.

In what way do we distinguish ourselves from other suppliers in the Sittard Geleen region? As a Limburg company, we can be on site quickly and cheaply.

We go higher, up until the 11th and sometimes even the 12th floorBecause the elevator is permanently mounted on a car, we have a set-up time of only 5 minutes. We are well equipped and have everything with us to lift your belongings safely and undamaged. in your region?

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