Moving lift rental Venray

When you are thinking of renting a moving lift in the area of Venray then is the ideal partner for you, we come from Venlo so you are not faced with sky-high travel costs.  Rent a moving lift when you are going to move or when you want your new furniture to be brought upstairs unharmed and effortlessly.


Relocating? Easy with Lift Express!

What is a moving lift?

And how do i rent one?

A moving lift is a mobile lift that comes with professional operator to your location for several reasons.  Usually we come because furniture such as couches and cupboards cannot be moved up the stairs, but also for complete removals, evictions, renovations or the lifting of solar panels we are hired. The lift is mounted on the facade where the object can enter via a window or balcony door.  From the moment the elevator is built up (10 minutes after arrival) you can start with lifts up to 400kg per lift.

Do you also want to move stress free? Ask for a free quotation.

Why rent a moving lift?

You rent from Lift-Express for your move in Venray to be able to move house without stress. Whereas in the past you had to ask all your friends to help you carry your belongings and you were busy for a day, with a moving lift (also referred to as a furniture lift) this is a piece of cake. We have moved the average inventory within 1 hour up or down. Our men are very experienced and help you to make the move as effective as possible and where necessary they work as a helping mover.  By using our service, you will never again have to deal with damaged walls or furniture, suffer from your back or suffer from friends who drop out at the last minute.


Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!

To which regions do we come?

Our primary working environment is Venray, Helmond and even Roermond, but we are also active outside of this region. If you live in the radius of 100Km from Venlo then will help you for sure, even if it is a last-minute job.


Is your region not listed? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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