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Moving Lift Weert

Do you remember your last move, that of yourself or that of an acquaintance, child or friend? Think about all that hauling and the damage, an entire day of carrying boxes, crates, the heavy washing machine, and then you were still not done in the evening. You should be able to do this differently, because of this you looked up renting a moving lift in Weert op Google.

It can also be done differently

Recently, it has been spotted more and more in Weert, also known as the ladder lift and furniture lift. In the past, you could only see it in the Randstad near old buildings with narrow steps. Nowadays, more and more people are realising that the moving lift also offers many advantages for modern homes and spacious blocks of flats. Apart from the fact that things arrive at their destination undamaged, and that walls, window frames and floors are not burdened and therefore remain undamaged, saving time is the most obvious advantage.

Relocating? Easy with Lift Express!

Moving lift rental Weert

An average apartment with 2 bedrooms is easily 40m3 or a full truck. In the old-fashioned way with 3 people; getting everything out of the truck, walking to the front door with the box, climbing stairs, possibly walking through the gallery, leaving the box in the house and back down again. With 3 men it takes 4 to 5 hours of work.

Moving lift

Now 3 people and the cooperating mover can do the trick much faster, 2 people are upstairs at the entrance of the apartment and 2 people are in the truck and load the lift platform. On this platform a dozen boxes quickly go up at a time and that takes less than 5 minutes per load, large and heavy pieces go up just as easily. If the work is done vigorously, after 2 hours of lifting time everything is in the house! The day is still young, time for a small break and then the unpacking and putting in place can begin. Before you know it, everything is unpacked in place.

In areas where the moving lift is well established, it is used almost structurally, whether it is the 11st or the first floor! Experience has shown that things simply always go faster and better.

Not only for moving

Also suppliers notice it, in the past a new couch was hauled in by hand, the first small damage was often a fact and the deliverers were soon busy for an hour. Nowadays there are fixed agreements with the moving lift, so new belongings are in the house within half an hour and remain undamaged, the new motto is: “count out of your profit”. This applies not only to the supply of couches, but also to kitchens, washing machines, refrigerators, beds, parquet, floor tiles and building materials.

Affordable for everyone

The moving lift is becoming more and more accessible for everyone, nowadays there is always a moving lift nearby. Not so long ago, if you had to rent a moving lift Weert, you had to call an entrepreneur far away, which resulted in high travel costs. Nowadays you can find the moving lift in your immediate vicinity, making it affordable for everyone.

Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!


ou are also at the right address for urgent assignments. You ordered a new fridge and indicated that he had to go to the second floor. Not all suppliers work with moving lifts as a standard, so most likely the delivery firm saw, tried, gave up, put the fridge in the hallway downstairs and left. If you call before 15:00 we can usually help you on the same day, an employee of puts the lift against the facade in 5 minutes, places the refrigerator on the platform and lifts it up. When the refrigerator arrives at the top, he carefully removes it from the platform, puts it in the desired place, ready! Your concerns have been short-lived.

Low costs for Weert

Because we do not have to drive far and because we usually do the job within an hour, the costs are low, the rate for the first hour is € 98, – if, despite everything you need a bit more time, no worries, an extra quarter of an hour is only € 22,25. The travel costs for Weert (zip code 6000) are €47,-.

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