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Tips for a quick and smooth move

You are on this site because you may be playing with the idea of planning your move under your own direction. What does it take to move house? What do I need to do about preparations? Who should be asked for help, how much help will be needed in the first place?  Does everything go via the stairs?  Or is a moving lift needed? With these moving tips you will prevent many mistakes and you will be better prepared.

Below are a number of moving tips:


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Make sure you have enough boxes in your home, you will easily need 20 boxes per person.

Don’t start the day of the move, but do a few boxes every day.

For clothes, there are special wardrobe boxes for sale, you take the clothes out of the closet and hang them into this special box. In the new house you do vice versa. This really saves a lot of time.

Make sure that heavy things lie at the bottom of the box, do not make boxes heavier than about 20 kilos. Make sure the boxes are tightly closed, if necessary with duct tape sealing.

Use a system, work per room and make sure that only things from that room enter a box. Write clearly on the box which room it should go to in the new house and what is in it.

It is handy to give each room a number in the new house, because a description as “bedroom Ria” is not clear to everyone! At each room, hang a sheet of paper with the room number on it. This way everyone knows where everything has to go.

Make an inventory

Take stock of all the large items you have, measure them and check whether it fits through the door, corridor and stairwell in the new house, how did it originally enter your current house? You may need a moving lift to move out or to move in! If on the day of the move things are still too large, a moving lift may not be available, so please inform yourself well.

Make sure you have filling material, this will ensure that things that have an irregular shape do not slide in the moving van.

Moving blankets

Make sure you have moving blankets, which you can use to pack and protect valuable items such as TVs, cabinets, mirrors and paintings.

Make sure that the washing machine and dishwasher no longer contain water and that the drum is locked in place. If the water runs out during the ride, the boxes and other things get wet.


Make sure that you do not allow inflammable items to come into contact with the removal van, the risk of leakage and its consequences is too great and this would be your responsibility. So keep them separate and take them with you.


Take the trouble to dismantle lamps, unscrew the lamp cover and pack everything carefully. Taking a lamp with you without disassembly, usually results in a broken lamp!


Pack porcelain separately. Wrap all individual parts in paper and make sure that, once in the box, the stuff does not rattle, to avoid that put filler between the pieces. Write on the box that it is fragile!


Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!

Moving lift

If you leave a corner apartment or an apartment in a high rise buiding, or if you want to move there, keep in mind that with all the hauling through the stairwell your belongings suffer just like the stairwell and you and your help have to endure a day of hard work. The alternative is to do part of the move yourself, but with the assistance of our moving lift service. You make sure that everything is ready in boxes as described above and our experienced moving lift operator ensures that everything is properly moved up or down.  You will save seas of time and your belongings will arrive undamaged.

Professional help with the move

Maybe it will be too much for you, or simply can’t arrange enough volunteers for the big day. A few skilled handlers who will help you transport your belongings safely are always possible, provided they are booked in time.

If you have, after reading these moving tips,  any questions, please feel free to call us or fill in our reservation form.

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