Moving to Delft and its surroundings?

Delft is a beautiful old city, and not only known for its old church, with its characteristic tower, which is also called the ‘Oude Jan’. The gothic facades of the city and the beautiful atmosphere make Delft a great city to visit and also to live there. There is also plenty to do in Delft, the Beestenmarkt is especially in the summer the entertainment center of Delft, but also in other places near the Market are plenty of restaurants and enough culture for the enthusiast. That is why many people choose to move to Delft every year.


Relocating? Easy with Lift Express!

Moving to Delft does not have to mean sleepless nights

Your last move, can you remember it? Did you spend long nights awake because you were worried? Were there any voluntary helpers, who left you out in the cold at the last moment?

These concerns are no longer necessary!

Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to carry everything up or down by hand.

There is now a very handy tool: the relocation elevator, also called furniture lift or ladder lift.

What is a relocation elevator and why do i need one when moving?

A relocation elevator from lift can ensure that your move is easy, safe and fast. There are plenty of reasons why you should rent a relocation elevator:

  • It’s going faster. A group of volunteers, who have to move everything via the stairs, takes much longer than three people with a relocation elevator and the lift operator, this difference becomes even bigger the higher the residence is located.
  • No unexpected problems,because large furniture is difficult to pass through narrow doors and corridors. With a relocation elevator it goes safe and fast.
  • Reduced risk of damage.Your valuables no longer need to be dragged along all kinds of walls and doorposts. With the relocation elevator, your belongings will come out directly in the removal van, or vice versa. This means that your floors and walls do not have to suffer.
  • It is not so strenuous for you and your voluntary helpers.Because all the contents can be lifted directly to the place of destination, you and your volunteer helpers do not have to drag the whole day. That’s better for your back and the atmosphere in the circle of friends.
  • Sharp prices,a relocation elevator is rented per hour, that includes the operator, who is also an experienced moving helper. He will advise and assist you and ensure safe operation of the elevator.

Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!

Did you know that 80% of the assignments, we receive, are completed in just one hour? This means that the entire move in these cases only cost €89,- in elevator rent on a weekday. Moving house is of course a bit more work, but with good preparation the average 2 person household with 3 volunteers is done in 2 hours.

Visit today for moving to Delft and surroundings and ask for the possibilities. We will be happy to help you!

Is your region not listed? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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