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Moving to Nieuwegein

Whether you want to move to Blokhoeve, Batau-Noord, Batau-Zuid, Merwestein, Oudegein, or one of the other places in the municipality of Nieuwegein, at you are always at the right address. With its location close to Utrecht, the municipality of Nieuwegein, as a former growth centre, is a very attractive place to live. A lot of history in the region, good connections to the important cities and employers in the Netherlands, who wouldn’t want to live there.

Moving to Nieuwegein?

Relocating? Easy with Lift Express! Indeed, that is what a lot of people think and so there is always somebody moving to this beautiful municipality. However, people suddenly face a very big problem when they move, despite everything, despite of being so well prepared in advance. You may recognize this scenario yourself from previous removals.

The boxes are packed, a lot of volunteers are already in the morning with the thermos full of coffee ready and the carrying can start. The first two hours everything is still going smoothly, but the boxes are fortunately not heavy either, then suddenly a big noise in the stairwell. The box with the crockery was heavier than expected, and lifting three floors is not nothing. That is where the frustration begins, and with each and everything that goes wrong, it only gets worse.

Save yourself a lot of frustrations and hassles

If you know this scenario only too well, then you will certainly wonder how things could be improved in the event of such a move. The answer to this is in most cases renting a moving lift. This moving lift, also known as a ladder lift or furniture lift, can not only speed up your move considerably, it can also prevent the risk of breaking and damage to the household effects or in the home, as well as the risk of injury due to heavy lifting.

Our moving lift, which you can request via, is a handy mobile lift mounted on a bus, so we can easily be on site. The driver of the elevator is also an experienced moving helper, and the load capacity per load is as high as 400kg. Thanks to the length of our moving lift, which is no less than 34m, we can be of service to you when moving up to the 11th, sometimes even the 12th floor.

Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!

Good prices and clear agreements

You rent our moving lift from 98 Euro per hour, and after the first hour we will charge per quarter, to save you costs. We can do this because we know from experience that in 80% of cases an hour is enough for lifting your belongings. Therefore you pay with us only when we start building, that takes only about 5 minutes, and the clock stops, when we are ready to leave.

Even if there is a complex situation at the location, we do our best to guarantee you a quotation with the possibilities tailored to your needs.

A good reason, therefore, before you move to the municipality of Nieuwegein first have a look at for all our possibilities and prices in detail.


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