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Outside elevator rental

Outside elevator rental for building materials

Save time and money and bring your building materials quickly and efficiently to the construction site in Limburg and north-Brabant.

Relocating? Easy with Lift Express!

Time efficient – simple – no stair climbing

We see it more and more often: Even if there is nobody moving house, the outside elevator has been discovered for building materials in the construction industry. Due to good planning, all the material required for a renovation is being bought and delivered more and more often at the same time.


Metal stud 4 or even 5 meters long, plasterboard is not only heavy but has rather big dimensions, so large that it is just not possible to get it through the stairs upstairs in one piece, and then we do not even consider the effort it takes to carry it up. To move one pallet of plasterboards with related articles 2 floor up, will cost 3 people an afternoon’s work and you can calculate the cost yourself. The cost of an outside elevator with a cooperating operator? Together with the 3 men we considered before with a bit of proper working speed, everything has been moved to the second floor within the hour for € 89, so count out of your profit.

Laminate, Tiles…

Have you done it before? Carried 60 square meters of laminate to the third floor of the gallery apartment without an elevator? On your own, it will cost a whole afternoon. But that’s not the worst thing because you’re already total loss before the installation of the floor starts.

We are going to the roof!

Solar panels are always an adventure. It is fascinating to watch what kind of breakneck stunts are being done to get them on the flat roof as cheaply as possible. You need to move 50 panels to the roof within an hour without damage? No problem! The message is clear, you should schedule an outside elevator for your building materials so that you can deploy yourself, your friends or staff where it really matters.

Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!


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