Furniture elevator rental

Good, cost friendly and ready within an hour!

Our rates are favorable, but just as important, how much time is charged? In 80% of all our assignments, we did the work well and quickly, within the first hour. That is why our furniture elevator rental is so cheap!

Also large moving efforts! For larger projects such as complete household goods, we need a little more time, so it is important that you estimate in advance how many hours you want to use our services.


Our rates

If you find this difficult, you can always call us. Together, we will then go through the list of goods to be moved, for which we can give you an excellent advice. To make sure that your price is cheaply as possible, the clock starts when our furniture elevator arrives at your place and the time stops at departure.

All our rates are included: VAT, build up costs and a cooperating mover.

* Call-out costs: for Amsterdam and Venlo, we do not charge travel costs. Outside these cities we charge 0.85 cents per kilometer driven, counted from the nearest branch to you.

** Sunday and XXL-Elevator: Minimum order 3 hours + Call-out costs.




Moving assistance incl.


Min. rental time 1 hour


Last Minute service


Up to the 8th floor


regional partner

Ook grote verhuizingen

Bij grotere projecten als een complete huisraad hebben wij iets meer tijd nodig, daarom is het belangrijk dat u van te voren inschat hoeveel uur u van onze diensten gebruik wilt maken.


Mocht u dit moeilijk vinden dan kunt u ons natuurlijk altijd bellen. Wij zullen dan samen met u de lijst met de te verhuizen goederen doornemen, waarbij wij u uitstekend kunnen adviseren.

Om er voor te zorgen dat u zo goedkoop mogelijk uit bent, start de tijd pas wanneer onze verhuislift bij u arriveert en stopt de tijd bij het vertrek.


Is your region not listed? Then contact us to see what we can do for you.

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