Renting a moving lift in Brandevoort de Veste

Also in the modern and new Vinex neighbourhoods, such as Brandevoort de Veste, between Mierlo-Hout, Geldrop-Mierlo and Nuenen and in the Helmond region, the moving lift of is extremely convenient.

In these neighborhoods work is being done to create a green and beautiful living environment for the residents, and often there are pieces of greenery or ditches near the houses. This is very nice for the quality of life, but can make moving house very difficult.

For the lift of, a piece of lawn or landing along the house, even a ditch, are no problem, since our lift long enough to move items up to 400 kg effortlessly over a ditch or over a landing inside the house. This only requires a large window on the desired floor.


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New buildings and the moving lift, a golden combination

Of course you don’t want to damage your beautiful new house in Brandevoort de Veste when you can finally move there. We therefore recommend the use of a moving lift, also known as a ladder lift or furniture lift, when moving to Brandevoort.

In this way, all your belongings are safely transferred to their new location or, in the opposite case, to the moving van. Of course you can also hire us for both parts of the move.

Our moving lift is mounted on a transporter, which makes it very handy to be on the spot quickly.

The operator of the moving lift is always an experienced moving helper and will support you with the loading and unloading of your belongings. He also knows everything about an efficient layout of your belongings in the truck that you can take with you as much as possible in a single drive.

Usually a normal 2-person household (about 20m2) with 3 people and the moving helper takes about 2 hours to move from the truck into your home or from your home into the truck. And if it takes a little longer, then you still pay competitive prices and can pay per 15 minutes.


Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!

Good prices and a partner from the region

At you can already rent a moving lift for the Brandevoort region from EUR 89, -/hour.

Time only starts to run on arrival and is stopped on our departure. As we work in the entire border region between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, we are on site quickly and are also last minute or emergency jobs no problem for our experienced operators.

Our ambition to be a partner in our own region also ensures short travel times and low travel costs, please refer to the tab prices or our website for more information and current overviews.

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