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Rent a furniture elevator Maastricht

If you are going to move in Maastricht you can use the moving lift of Our lift is 34 meters long and therefore goes up to and including the 11 floor. But as you can see on the pictures on our site, we are also regularly asked to lift a “difficult” object to the 1st or 2nd floor. Even if at the last moment it turns out that it is not going to work without a lift you can call us. Our Last-minute service is available 7 days a week throughout Limburg.

Furniture elevator rental Maastricht

Relocating? Easy with Lift Express!

Why rent a furniture elevator in Maastricht?

Physically less stressfull!

Moves are exhausting, think of all the planning, packing, arranging assistance, renting a truck, etc. And then the hauling still has to start! With a moving lift, the move to Maastricht almost becomes a pleasant adventure.

In order not to damage your furniture or your home!

“The cabinets were actually a bit too big for the stairwell”, something that is common in a city like Maastricht and therefore they suffered, as well as the damaged walls in the hallway.

Because you are much faster than before!

A moving lift moves up to 400 kg per time from the front door directly into the truck, normally 4 “volunteers” spend half an hour walking up and down to do this.

What can i use a moving lift for?

Moving lift, for private individuals, moving company.

Furniture lift, for kitchen business, furniture delivery service, Ikea customers, do it yourself relocation.

Building material lift, for Building material purchases, Building material wholesaler, tiled floors.

Ladder lift, for roofers, solar panels Etc..

Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!

What does it cost to rent a moving lift?

In most cases a moving lift is hired for only 1 hour, then the work is done! The first hour costs € 98, – that includes VAT and a cooperating mover. Is it a bit more work than you thought? For an extra quarter of an hour we charge € 22.25. If it is a large project, please enquire about our favourable rates for whole or half days. We do not charge a surcharge for last-minute services. We come to you from our base in Venlo, the travel costs are € 79, -. If you book 1 week in advance, you will receive a 25% discount on the travel costs.

Turn your move into an event that you, and your friends, can look back on with a good feeling!

Fill in the reservation form and we will call you back. Depending on your situation, we will advise you and, if required, send you an offer.


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