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Rent a furniture lift Arnhem

Verhuislift huren Arnhem

Arnhem, a beautiful old city close to the German border, with a very rich history.

The beautiful narrow streets in the old town, where the history from before the Middle Ages can almost be breathed in. No wonder, then, that many Dutch people, but also many Germans from the border area choose to stay in the capital of Gelderland.

Rent a furniture lift at

If you are also attracted to the beautiful region of Arnhem, so close to the Lower Rhine, the IJssel and the Sint-Jansbeek, then you have come to the right place for your move in Arnhem and surroundings at! Even if, after purchasing a new couch or bed upon returning home, you are faced with the big riddle as to how this should ever fit through the stairwell upstairs, we are at your service.

Relocating? Easy with Lift Express!

Why rent a furniture lift?

A furniture lift, often referred to as a furniture elevator, can really make your move run smoothly.

All you have to do is pack everything in advance, and make sure that there is a window or door on the desired floor that is big enough. Then we can help you quickly and efficiently with our handy moving lift, which is mounted on a MB Sprinter. Up to the 11th (sometimes even the 12th) floor and with a maximum load capacity of 400 kg at a time, we can easily and safely move all your properties up or down.

Better than traditional ways

You know it, the move is on, you have arranged a lot of ‘volunteers’ and at the early hours of the day you will get to work. A number of hours later it becomes clear that a good idea in theory does not always work in practice.

Before you know it, the couch is stuck in the hallway, the first scratches are already on the floors and walls and there is a thick crack in the beautiful aquarium. Then the stress begins, there is no longer any question of a relaxed move, and the ‘volunteers’ suddenly have to go somewhere else urgently.

With a moving lift, all this is arranged much easier and faster, without frustrations and damage.

Fast, easy and at a competitive price

When you plan to move, and everything is ready and packed, you can always call or email us for a free quote. We are happy to be of service to you in the border region of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, so of course also in Arnhem and the surrounding area.

The driver of the elevator is always an experienced moving helper and will support you in loading and unloading your belongings. He also knows everything about an efficient layout of your belongings in the removal van, so that you can take as much as possible with you in a single drive.

In our experience, a normal 2-person household (about 20m2) is moved in 2 hours from the truck into your house or from your house into the truck. You only need three people at the location to work together with our moving specialist.

Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!

The nice thing is, that you can use our services starting at 89, – Euro per hour, and that with us the time will only start to count when we set up the elevator and stops at our departure.

You can also come to us for last-minute jobs and (parts of) a whole, as well as for the fast lifting of a new piece of furniture. Request a free quote now, with no obligation.

Our office is available for renting a furniture lift by phone 0031643710777, but you can also fill out the reservation form without obligation, then we have all the information we need to make you a reasonable offer.


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