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Rent a moving lift in Venlo

Our moving lift rental service in Venlo costs €98,- and comes with a lift operator included.
Rent a moving lift in Venlo

Rent a moving lift in Venlo

Are you going to move in the Venlo region and do you not want to walk up and down the stairwell countless times, or is the furniture simply too heavy or too bulky to move by stairs? If you book a moving lift from, these problems in Venlo and the surrounding area are solved.

Our car is equipped with a ladder lift that we can extend to 34 meters high, this allows us to reach the 11th and sometimes even the 12th floor.

Are professional movers in Venlo expensive?

No, our services are fast and cheap. 80% of our jobs are completed within one hour. Whether piano, couch, bed or building materials, we at get it inside for you.

Also options for B2B

More and more companies are finding their way to us. Why burden your employees with carrying deliveries through corridors and stairwells when there is something like a moving lift? Save a lot of time on delivery and keep your staff fit and satisfied, do it like the furniture center Venlo and let be your partner in delivery.

Whether you live in Venlo, Tegelen, or Blerick, Venlo is our home, therefore we do not charge any travel costs.

Want to relocate in Venlo?

Usually, you and all your good friends will soon be spending a day or even a weekend with getting your complete inventory from your old home to your new home. The result: damaged walls, damaged furniture, exhausted friends, risk of physical suffering and an awful lot of time lost. Rent a moving lift service and all this is a thing of the past, a complete inventory can be lifted within 2 hours. Do you also need us to lift your belongings to your new home? Then you can book us for a part of the day.

We not only operate the moving lift but also act as a helping mover, which means that we are happy to help you with the loading and unloading of the goods. Our assisting movers have a lot of experience with loading goods into moving vans and know how to load your car optimally so that maximum use can be made of the space. This saves you another extra drive between your old and new home.

If, despite our helping mover, you still require more help, you can choose to hire an extra mover from us.

What can you use our lift for?

  • Cupboards
  • Beds
  • Solar panels
  • Roof tiles
  • White goods
  • Couches
  • Building materials
  • Complete moves
  • Kitchens

For more information, please fill in the reservation form , we will reach out to you to discuss the possibilities and the costs, you can of course also contact us: 0031643710777.

In short, if it weighs less than 400Kg and fits through a window or door on the desired floor, we can lift it for you with our moving lift.


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