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Rent a moving lift region Kerkrade

Transporting or moving furniture is never an easy task. There’s more to it than you think at first glance. This is certainly the case in a city like Kerkrade. But whether you live in Chevremont or on the Bleijerheide, a breeze to move is a piece of cake with the moving lift.ed=”off”]

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Why move to kerkrade?

Those who think of Kerkrade think first of all of the individual character of this city full of character. Apart from the taptoe and the local juicy dialect, this Limburg city has so much more to offer! So you can admire the most exotic animals in the GaiaZoo. I

n the Discovery Center Continium, you can get acquainted with the latest developments in the field of technology. If you prefer old techniques, you can admire the Baalsbruggermolen here. Furthermore, this city is ideally situated for those who want to get to know the historic Valkenburg or the German city of Aachen. The three country point in Vaals is also not far from here. Kerkrade is an excellent base for those who love local tourism and day trips nearby. No wonder, then, that a lot of people want to come and live here. The municipality of Kerkrade has also made this possible.

Planning to rent a moving lift region Kerkrade?

Over the past 10 years, a lot of high-rise buildings have been realized here. Thanks to this modern style of building, many families found a new home in Kerkrade. These new flats are located in residential areas such as the Zonstraat. The planning of similar projects in the future is a major effort. Kerkrade is part of the Parkstad Limburg project. New blocks of flats are deliberately planned in a green environment. This makes living in these flats very attractive. However, anyone who lives in a high-rise building knows better than anyone that moving without the renting of a moving lift is virtually impossible in this case. Especially if you want to move larger pieces of furniture, renting a moving lift is the ideal solution. You may wonder where you can rent it at Kerkrade. offers you the rental solution you are looking for!

Moving easily is a customer with less worry, that is our mission!

Relocate for business or private purposes?

In addition to countless private individuals, many companies have also found their home in Kerkrade. You will find business high-rise buildings in Kerkrade on the modernist Museumplein and Stationsstraat. also offers the right moving lift for rent for this purpose. Companies are welcome to visit! As a moving specialist we have many years of experience. We know better than anyone that the needs of a company or business are not comparable to those of a private move. Renting the right moving lift is even more important than in private moves. At home, it is not desirable for you to damage a stairwell or lift when moving or transporting furniture or large pieces of furniture; in business premises, you can certainly not afford to do so! At you can go to Kerkrade to rent a moving lift. Would you like to know more about the rental of a moving lift? Please contact us as soon as possible. We will be happy to help you!


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