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Rent a Furniture Elevator in Amsterdam

The furniture elevator from is a real solution! Also for your move in Amsterdam and surroundings.
Furniture Elevator Rental Amsterdam

Rent a furniture elevator in Amsterdam

In the city of Amsterdam, yes, life is bubbling there. It is not for nothing that this city attracts millions of visitors every year and is one of Europe’s major tourist attractions. The beautiful old town, with its canals and old buildings, it is a feast for the eye.

Many people choose to move to Amsterdam every year, there is plenty of culture, good employment opportunities and the atmosphere in this city is simply unique.

Plan ahead, then you can move house without any worries!

Do you also have plans to move to this great city? Maybe to one of the old canal houses or to one of the new green neighborhoods outside the center? Then you will certainly have thought about all the work and frustration that a move entails.

How is the washing machine supposed to go to the second floor? Or will it be possible to move the couch up the stairs? You have certainly already asked yourself these questions. And most probably you are not convinced that it will all be very easy.

That is why it is wise to visit the website today and to look at the options for our handy relocation lift.

The advantages of our furniture elevator in an overview:

  • Your belongings will safely be brought up or down, even to the 8th (in some cases even the 9th) floor.
  • Our moving lift can lift up to a maximum of 400 kg at a time up to a height of 27 meters.
  • There is an experienced driver on site, who will also help as a professional mover
  • You can move for a low price (from 89 Euro per hour) and without any worries.
  • 80% of our assignments are completed within one hour
  • With our last minute and 24/7 service you can always contact us, even if it turns out later, that you will not be able to manage without the relocation lift.

The furniture elevator is ideal for moving your belongings, but much more is possible

For our experienced driver and his relocation lift, no job is too difficult. We can safely and reliably move all your belongings up or down. The only condition is that everything is packed in advance, you are on site with 3 people. There must also be a large window or balcony door on the desired floor and a possibility for the bus, on which the elevator is mounted, to park underneath so that the lift can be built up. This takes only 5-10 minutes.

Also for other objects or materials for example for a roof terrace, our furniture elevator is extremely suitable. You can think of the following things:

  • Lifts of heavy plants (planters) to a terrace or roof terrace
  • Bringing up a new refrigerator or cupboard
  • Piano or aquarium lifts
  • Lifts of solar panels
  • Lifts of construction materials
  • And much more…

With the lift of, you can concentrate on the important things when moving. Contact us today for the possibilities and a free quote!


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