Rental of moving lifts in Amsterdam North

In the city of Amsterdam there are not only many opportunities for tourists to enjoy themselves, there are also many jobs and according to the surveys the joy of living there is high.

People often choose to live in neighborhoods outside the city center, such as Amsterdam North, and work in the city itself. As a result, there is little travel time and in the greener suburbs it is especially nice to live with a family. There are nice apartments, but also terraced houses or semi-detached houses, which are sold and rented very quickly every year as soon as they are available.

Life in Amsterdam North is a great combination of a quick connection to all amenities and yet the piece of tranquility that is sometimes lacking in the center with all the tourists.

Good preparation is very important.

Are you planning to move to Amsterdam North and don’t want to worry about your floors, walls and furniture? Is there any time pressure behind it? Don’t you want to feel burdened by having¬† your friends and family hoist and carry¬† moving boxes and clumsy furniture for days in a row with all the risks involved?

Then use the practical moving lift. This 34 m long, moving lift can be used up to the 11th floor and sometimes even up to the 12th floor. Your furniture is then brought in or out through a window or door on the desired floor so that your floors and walls don’t have to suffer. Up to 400 kg can be moved up or down per load. This show that it is always smart to consider the rental of moving lifts in Amsterdam North.


This means that you only have to pack everything in advance and then the lifting can begin.

We are there for you all over the Netherlands.

With a moving lift you can move safely and easily, even in Amsterdam Norht. Although we mainly work in the border region of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, we can also be quickly on the spot in Amsterdam North. There are various options for the rental of moving lifts in Amsterdam North.

The construction of the lift together with an experienced employee, who also works in an advisory capacity, takes less than 10 minutes. It is wise to prepare all your things in advance. In this way you can bring all your furniture inside or outside in one go. This is important because you want to spend as little time as possible moving.

You can rent the moving lift from 89 Euros per hour, and the experienced employee is always included in the price. From the first hour you can pay every 15 minutes, which saves you a lot of money.

Of course, the moving lift is not only suitable for moving house. Even if you have bought a new piece of furniture, perhaps a new bed or a new wardrobe, you can bring it to your home with the moving lift.

So ask for a free quote for the rental of moving lifts in Amsterdam North and your move will be quick and easy.

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