Rental of moving lifts in Amsterdam South

Amsterdam South is one of the showpieces of the city, high average incomes, beautiful stately buildings and a great atmosphere are characteristic of this part of the capital.

It is a very attractive place to live and the housing market is exclusive and scarce.

If you have managed to get your new dream home in Amsterdam South, the move should of course be planned well and efficiently. In the often narrow stairwells and corridors of the beautiful old buildings there is often little space to move goods, but even in the new housing estates there are often problems when the day of the move has come and everything is not as easy as expected.

Moving with professional help

A move is something that many people are very opposed to. First they sort everything out and pack it up, then they call everyone to organize help and finally they hope that all the valuables will arrive at their new destination in one piece and that the house will not be damaged too much after the move.

Because the last thing you want, of course, is that on the day of the move it turns out that half of your valuable items cannot be brought in and that it will be an endless frustrating day for you and your volunteers. That is why the rental of moving lifts in Amsterdam South is a smart option.

A moving lift, often called a furniture lift, can really make your move run smoothly.

All you have to do is pack everything in advance and make sure that there is a sufficiently large window or door on the floor you want. Then we can help you quickly and efficiently with our convenient moving lift mounted on a van. Up to the 11th (sometimes even 12th) floor and with a maximum load capacity of 400 kg at once, we can move all your household items up and down easily and safely.

We are always there for you

If you are planning to move, and everything is ready and packed, you can always call us or send an email to receive a free quote. We are at your disposal in (the border region) Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, but of course also in Amsterdam South and surroundings. The rental of moving lifts in Amsterdam South makes your life much easier.

The lift driver is always an experienced moving assistant and will help you load and unload your belongings. He also knows everything about an efficient arrangement of your belongings in the moving van, so that you can take as much as possible with you on one journey.

In our experience, a normal 2-person household (approx. 20m2) with 3 people and the helper is loaded from the truck in your house or from the house into the truck in 2 hours.

The nice thing is that you can use our services starting at 89,- Euro per hour, and that time only counts when we set up the lift and stops at our departure.

Contact us today for the possibilities for the rental of moving lifts in Amsterdam South!

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