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Express moving lift rental in Amsterdam

Verhuislift verhuur voor heel Nederland

The city of Amsterdam has been a magnet for the free spirits all over Europe for centuries and also today it is one of the most popular travel destinations. With its huge, open spaces, renewed industrial architecture and tantalizing selection of waterfront bars and restaurants, it’s no wonder locals come to the beautiful terraces of Amsterdam when the sun is shining. The beautiful old town with its canals and old buildings is a feast for the eyes. Many people move to Amsterdam every year, there is a lot of culture, good employment and the atmosphere in this city is simply unique. Often it is only a matter of urgency, as the housing market is very busy and a move often has to be planned quickly and efficiently.

Not just for the last minute move!

Do you have any plans to move to this great city? Maybe to one of the old canal houses or close to one of the new parks outside the city center? Or have you just bought a brand new piece of furniture for your existing home and unfortunately have no idea how you can bring in your new furniture? Will it be possible to get the sofa up the stairs? Should you have measured the beautiful flower boxes for the roof terrace before you ordered them to your heart’s content? These are questions that keep cropping up when you live in the city with often limited space in the hallways and staircases. And most likely you are not sure if it is all going to work out very easily. That is why express moving lift rental in Amsterdam is such a smart option.

Therefore, it is advisable to visit the website today to see the options for our convenient moving lift and the express moving lift rental in Amsterdam.

We can offer you these services:

– With our last-minute and 24/7 service you can contact us at any time, even if it later turns out that you will not be able to do without the moving lift.

– You can move carefree for a low price (from 89 euros per hour).

– 80% of our orders are already done in this one hour.

– Your stuff will surely go up or down, even to the 11th (in some cases even to the 12th) floor.

– Our moving lift can lift up to 400 kg at a height of up to 37 meters.

– It is an experienced on-site driver who is also available as a professional moving company.

So there are many reasons to choose a moving lift from

Versatile use, also when urgently needed

For our experienced driver and his moving lift, no task is too difficult. We can move all your belongings up or down safely and protected. The only condition is that everything is packed in advance and you are on site with 3 people. There must also be a large window or balcony door on the desired floor and a possibility for the bus on which the moving lift is mounted to park underneath so that the lift can be set up. This only takes 5-10 minutes. Also for other objects or materials, e.g. a roof terrace is our moving lift ideal. You can think of the following things:

– Elevating of heavy plants (containers) to the terrace or roof terrace

– Bringing up a new refrigerator or cabinet

– Bringing up with large massive tables or fragile furniture (pianos / aquariums)

– Transport of solar modules

– And much more…..

With the moving lift from  you can concentrate on the important things when moving. Contact us today for the possibilities for the express moving lift rental in Amsterdam and a free quote!


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