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Moving lift for students available for rent in Amsterdam

Verhuislift verhuur voor heel Nederland

Life as a student is exciting, busy and fun, if the problem with accommodation wasn’t there, it would be even nicer. In Amsterdam in particular, the housing market is rare and it is often the case that when you move from a room or apartment to a new one, you have to empty your old home quickly, because the next tenant is already eager to move in.

Often students have only a limited budget to plan a move, and often they have to rely on the friends from the fraternity or the campus. Then all that remains, is to hope that everyone will be there on the day of the move and that there was no long and liquor-boosted party the night before.

Moving at a reasonable price

When a new place is found in Amsterdam, the stress usually only really begins, the packing, planning and hoping that the promised help also appears. Moving lift for students available for rent in Amsterdam, this is always an option worth considering.

Then it is a very good idea to take a look at the options and possibilities of the moving lift from

A furniture lift or moving lift is the ideal solution for transporting all household items or individual pieces of furniture up to the 11th and sometimes even up to the 12th floor. Our moving lift is operated by an experienced mover. He is a professional and very friendly person, he not only operates the lift, he also supports you with words and deeds, helps you and with his expertise.

For every load, the practical moving lift can move up to 400 kg upwards or downwards, starting at 89 euros per hour. The only condition to use the moving lift for students available for rent in Amsterdam, is that everything is packed well in advance and that you are on site with a number of volunteers. If this is not possible due to circumstances or a big hangover with the volunteers, it is always possible to use additional helpers without all the study funding being gone right away.

The furniture is then brought in or out through a large door or window on the desired floor. This means that you don’t have to worry about damage to your floors and walls and the risk of injury from incorrect lifting of bulky furniture is virtually zero.

Also for the Amsterdam student

Although we mainly work in the border area of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, we can also help you with your move in and around Amsterdam quickly and professionally. Our travel costs are low (see overview) and we will not let you down with a rush order. A moving lift for students available for rent in Amsterdam, is always a suitable option for the modern student.

The time only begins to count when we are at your place and ends immediately when we are ready to drive, you know exactly what to expect. And if it takes a little longer, you can pay per 15 minutes from the first hour, you will quickly notice this in your wallet. Practical for today’s students!



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