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Moving Lift Rental Amsterdam

Verhuislift verhuur voor heel Nederland

Amsterdam is the most famous and most visited city in the Netherlands. And for good reason, because this city is rich in art and culture, has the most famous canals in the world and even if the artwork I AMSTERDAM is removed, there are still many photogenic places in this vibrant city.

But even if you come to Amsterdam not only for concerts and museums, but also to think about living there, this city is a great option, a costly one, that is certainly true, but it is and remains Amsterdam and living in such a city is a special pleasure.

Moving is easier than you think.

Are you planning to move to Amsterdam soon? Have you already found a perfect house?  Then you’re worried about all the inconveniences of moving. This is why a moving lift rental in Amsterdam is so convenient.

After all, it’s a nightmare to struggle with unexpected problems while moving after packing and sorting your household goods. Think of furniture that can no longer be moved through the hallway or stairs, washing machines that are simply too heavy and clumsy to lift, or a piano that cannot be brought down again. A moving lift rental in Amsterdam makes this possible.

Nowadays there is a good solution for this, We have a practical moving lift that can transport all your things up to 400 kg per lift, through a window or door on the desired floor, inside or outside. And this is even possible up to the 11th and in some cases up to the 12th floor, because our mobile elevator (34m) can easily be brought to these heights.

You can always rely on us, at a good price.

We are mainly active in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, which is why we can also be at your location quickly and easily when you move to or from Amsterdam. Our travel costs are low (see overview travel costs) and you can even get a discount on travel costs if you book early. Inform about the option for a moving lift rental in Amsterdam today.

We only charge the time from the moment we are with you and the time ends immediately when we are ready to leave.

From 89 Euros per hour you can rent our convenient moving lift, and there is always an experienced moving driver on site to help you load and unload the lift platform and also work as a moving assistant.

We can handle the average 2-person household with 3 local volunteers within only 2 hours, so no more whole days of carrying and frustration.

If it takes a little longer, you pay per 15 minutes from the first hour, so you won’t have any unexpected costs.

With a moving lift from , your move will be organized quickly and safely. Contact us today for a free quote for a moving lift rental in Amsterdam, or visit us in Venlo, the coffee is ready.


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