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Moving lift rental in Amsterdam North

Verhuislift Amsterdam

Moving lift rental in Amsterdam North

Directly opposite the water (known as “the IJ”) from the main train station, Amsterdam North offers the best contrasting worlds: wide green plains and charming villages as well as some of the city’s most advanced architecture, exciting festivals, artists’ studios and stylish waterfront meeting places with beautiful terraces. Behind the main station there is even a free ferry that will take you there in a few minutes. Ideal not only for day trips, but also for a beautiful and much sought after place to live and work in Amsterdam.

A move is a nightmare? Not with the support of!

If you have thought about moving to Amsterdam North and maybe even managed to get one of the coveted houses, then all the worries associated with a move have certainly come to the surface. Packing your things is often the smallest problem. The problems only really start when you realize that the staircase in your new dream home is probably too narrow to take the big household items like the washing machine, the sofa or the big cupboards upstairs. Since the complete dismantling of these objects is often a task, and everyone knows from experience that many pieces of furniture can never be assembled very beautifully again, this is often not an option.

Are you shocked when you think that you have to ballast your friends and acquaintances with all that hauling? Are you afraid of damage to your new home even before you live there? So think about the option of moving lift rental in Amsterdam North.

Then visit today and find out about the possibilities of our practical moving lift. With our help you can move quickly and carefree!

Cheap, convenient and trustworthy, the moving lift

Our moving lift is a gift from heaven for every move. With a length of 27 m and a load capacity of 400 kg at once, we can free you from all your moving worries up to the 8th and sometimes even up to the 9th floor.

For 89 euros per hour you can use our mobile moving lift, which is mounted on a bus. The driver of the moving lift is also an experienced moving assistant and can support you decisively after the installation of the lift (only 5-10 minutes). You can contact him not only for help with loading and unloading the lifting platform, but also for a practical arrangement of the moving van. We only charge for the time we are on site, i.e. from the arrival and construction of the moving lift to the readiness for departure. So the moving lift rental in Amsterdam North is always a quick and handy solution.

The average 2-person household consists of three volunteers and our moving helper is often brought outside or inside within 2 hours. All you have to do is to have a large window or balcony door on the floor you want, through which your belongings fit and a place underneath where the lift can be set up.

For more information please visit to see our pricing structure and request a free quote for the moving lift rental in Amsterdam North. We will be happy to help you!


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