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Rent a moving lift in Amsterdam

Looking to make your Amsterdam move hassle-free? Rent a moving lift in Amsterdam today for swift and stress-free vertical transport of your belongings. Elevate your moving experience with our convenient lift rental services.
Verhuislift huren Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam, an international attraction and subject of many stories and songs throughout history. The beautiful old town with its canals and old buildings is a feast for the eyes.

Many people move to Amsterdam every year, there is a lot of culture, good employment and the atmosphere in this city is simply unique.

There are many jobs and the connection to all major European cities is one of the many advantages besides the wide range of art and culture in Amsterdam.

Reason enough for the lover of the vibrant city life not only to go there as a day-tripper, but to settle permanently in this unique city.

If you have also made the decision to move to this beautiful place, then you will certainly be familiar with the following scenario.

A move without worries and drama

You certainly know the scenario only too well, the move has begun, many volunteers have been organized and at dawn you set to work. After just a few hours, it becomes clear that a good idea in theory does not always work in practice. Before you know it, the table is stuck in the hallway, the first scratches are already on the floors and walls and there is a thick crack in your beautiful aquarium. Then the stress begins, a relaxed move is out of the question and the “volunteers” suddenly have to go somewhere else.  Then it is smart to rent a moving lift in Amsterdam.

Rent a moving lift in Amsterdam

When you rent a moving lift from, all this is much easier and quicker to organize, without frustration and damage. We are always there for you, because you have something better to do than take care of the rest of your move.

No job is too crazy for our experienced driver and his moving lift. We can move all your belongings safely and securely up to the 11th (sometimes even up to the 12th) floor up or down, even up to 400 kg per load. To have a good and well organized move it is advisable to rent a moving lift in Amsterdam.

This driver is also an experienced furniture loader who can help you decisively. So it is possible with four people, including our moving assistant, to bring an average double household, about 18-20m3, safely into the moving van in no time at all.

Everything well and clearly arranged

The nice thing is that you can use our services from 89,- Euro per hour, and that with us time only counts when we set up the moving lift and time stops at our departure.

We at are mainly active in the border area of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. So we can help you quickly and directly with your move, even in Amsterdam and the surrounding area! Since 80% of our orders are completed in the first hour, you have the advantage of competitive prices and clear agreements.

With our last-minute and 24/7 service you can contact us at any time, even if it turns out later that you won’t be able to do without the moving lift.

Request a free quote to rent a moving lift in Amsterdam today! We will be happy to help you.


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