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Sofa does not fit in the hallway?

Bank past niet door de deur

Sofa does not fit in the hallway? Use the lift lift from

A beautiful afternoon at the furniture boulevard, you have finally found it after a long search, the sofa of your dreams. The choice is therefore made quickly and you make an appointment to have the beautiful piece delivered to your address the same day. Then you call a number of friends and you assume that bringing the sofa in is no problem. In theory, everything is arranged, and you already have plans to watch a game of football together that evening, together on the new sofa, of course.

So no sooner said than done, with united forces one after the other tries to bring in the new sofa, but every time it fails. The sofa just doesn’t fit down the hallway.

At some point, after the football game is already halfway through, one of the volunteers has the idea to search Google. Fortunately, with the search query “sofa does not fit through the hallway”, a good solution immediately emerges: the lift lift from

What are the advantages of a moving lift?

De verhuislift van is uniek in Nederland. De verhuislift heeft een lengte van 27 m en kan op vele manieren worden ingezet en onze ervaren bestuurders kennen de verhuislift heel erg goed, zodat hun altijd de beste oplossing voor elke situatie hebben, ook al lijkt het eerst lastig of moeilijk. Door de lengte van onze verhuislift, kunnen wij de verhuislift tot aan de 8ste, en soms zelfs de 9de verdieping inzetten, ook als het om een spoedklus gaat.

Vanaf de 8e verdieping zijn we verplicht een tweede bestuurder in te zetten, maar dan heeft u, voor een kleine meerprijs, ook een tweede helper beschikbaar, wanneer de verhuislift is opgebouwd.

Given the large carrying capacity of our per load, a load of up to 400 kg is possible, actually every piece of furniture can be raised or lowered by us without any problems.                [button link=”” color=”orange”] I need a moving lift![/button]

The lift lift from, can be rented from 89 Euro per hour and 80% of our assignments are ready within this first hour. There are always options, even when you are in a difficult situation or an urgent job. Thanks to our 24/7 service, we can also be of service to you when it becomes clear later that you will not make it without the moving lift.

We mainly work in the border region of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, as our home base is in Venlo, but over the years we have built up a large and reliable network of partners throughout the Netherlands. Because of this we can always be there for you and we always do our utmost to take away your worries and ensure that you receive the support you need quickly.

Feel free to contact us for a free quote, or visit our office in Venlo. The coffee is ready.

Bank op een verhuisliftBank is lifted upwards with a moving lift.




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